A powerful lockout/tagout program will allow you to increase productivity while reducing the risk of accidents. 

What distinguishes a successful program?

A clear methodology built on structured foundations and solid expertise. In other words, when setting up a lockout/tagout program, an organized and proven approach makes the difference.

Most suppliers sell lockout/tagout equipment. It is then up to the company to create its program.

 The best approach is to opt for a turnkey lockout/tagout solution. Instead of inventing your system, a turnkey approach offers you a lockout/tagout program that includes equipment, signage and all procedures.

The result: you benefit from a coherent system that is easy to understand and use. You also benefit from demonstrated expertise integrated into all program components.

 Here is an example of a successful approach designed to quickly adapt to each company's realities.

At the heart of a practical approach: a clear methodology

A lockout/tagout program aims to eliminate or minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous energy. It allows you to comply with the laws and regulations in force, standards, and good practices in lockout/tagout. 

 A methodology like Fabtech ID's focuses on the lockout/tagout program. Here is, step by step, how Fabtech ID proceeds to ensure the effectiveness of the LOTO program:

1. Study of the current situation. Fabtech ID's experts start by analyzing the situation that prevails in the company.

2. Development of the program.

3. Standardization of elements.

4. Training. Without proper training, the proper functioning of the program and the adequate participation of all cannot be expected. This component includes the drafting of the training up to its validation and the training of employees and supervisors.

5. Verification of facilities:

  a) Identification

  b) Drafting of LOTO sheets

  c) Development of the list of equipment required for lockout/tagout (we must have started writing the sheets to begin this step)

*Steps a) b) and c) are usually done in parallel.

  d) Verification of lockout/tagout forms by competent technical personnel.

  e) Approval of the records by a company manager.

  f) Installation of LOTO equipment

The use of the system begins at this time, between steps 5 and 6.

6. Auditing of the lockout/tagout system to see if there is an improvement or not.

Quality control must be in place at each stage of the methodology to ensure compliance with the program.

 The turnkey advantage

This methodology allows Fabtech ID to create and implement a lockout/tagout program adapted to each company.

Whatever its size, this program will benefit from tools already designed for optimal efficiency and safety. For example, a standardized padlock colour system allows everyone to understand at a glance what they have in front of them. Other tools also make it easier for workers by visually illustrating the absence of a padlock, for example.  This is what they call "the deceivers."

This systematic approach and the coherence of the whole reduce time waste and errors.

The Fabtech ID team drew on its long experience and unique expertise to create this system. You can enjoy it thanks to Fabtech ID's turnkey approach.

Implementing a solution like this is more straightforward and more efficient.

We will go into the details of this system in the following articles.

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