Lockout Simulator-pneumatic (Industrial Process) 20"x26"x10"

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    To view the warranty and return policy, click here.

    To view the warranty and return policy, click here.

    The industrial process simulator replicates a piping system found in a manufacturing process. It also demontrate lockout tagout steps in the reverse order.

    Hazardous energy types:  Electricity, equipment motion, pressure, residual energy and visual verification of energies.

    It makes it possible to link lockout tagout, machine safety (Safe Guarding) and confined space entry all in one training session.

    Globals specifications
    See on YouTube 

    • Group lockout box

    • Emergency stop system

    • Light switch

    • Local disconnector 

    • Fan

    • Lockable ball valve

    • Ball valve 

    • Fly wheel valve

    • Pump

    • Labelling


    • Lockout Tagout practice and training

    • Operate on 120 V / 220 V

    • Includes several types of mechanisms and devices adaptable to your system

    • Different mechanisms​ for testing

    • LOTO sheet reading training

    • Optimization of classroom training

    • Develop interaction and team building

    • To facilitate and ensure knowledge, comprehension

    • Available rental program