Sustainable Development

Our approach

With its first Sustainable Development Policy, FABTECH ID consolidates its existing initiatives and programs to increase its contribution to a more sustainable future. At the same time, it encourages its partners and employees to modify their actions in order to become an ecological economic contributor.

Our approach is part of our efforts to improve the way we do things throughout the manufacturing value chain.

Together, let's make the world of work safer and greener!

ESG Practices

With a mission to help its customers achieve excellence in the control of hazardous energy by combining expertise and innovative products, FABTECH ID manages its activities around three main axes.

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Environmental Protection

We are committed to providing our employees and customers with the means to reduce waste generation.​

We are also committed to implementing measures to reduce the production of GHGs associated with our operations and shipments.

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Improving health and well-being

We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of our employees.

Our business model is based on the safety of our employees. We are committed to continuously improving our occupational health and safety practices.

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Transparent and positive governance

We are committed to implementing a set of indicators to assess our ESG performance and to transparently communicate these results to our stakeholders.

Circular economy

Working together for a more sustainable future! Our team believes that every gesture counts, which is why we have launched a padlock recovery program. At the heart of the circular economy, this recycling program enables Fabtech ID and its partners to give a second life to padlocks that would otherwise be discarded.

Join our program and let's make a difference together!

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