Laws and Standards

Different lockout regulations

Several laws and standards govern the field of energy isolation and lockout tagout. Here is an overview of different laws,  regulations and standards;

Regulatory and standards compliance management of the health and safety system: ISO 45001, OSHA 18001, CSA Z1000, ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z10, VPP, COR

Risk identification, assessment and management: ISO 31000, CSA Z1002, ANSI B11.TR3, ACGIH TLV & BEI

Skills management and training: CSA Z1000, ANSI/ASSE Z490.1

Behavioral and contractor management: ISO 45001, OSHA 18001, CSA Z1000, ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z10

Incident and accident management: ISO 4501, OSHA 18001, CSA Z796 Z1000, ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z10, NFPA 921

Lockout tagout-Consignment: CSA Z460, ANSI A10.44, Z244

Electrical safety: CSA Z462, NFPA 70E

Ergonomics: ISO 9241, 11228, CSA Z412, Z1004, ANSI B11.TR1, NIOSH

Lifting and loading devices: CSA B167, ASME B30

Machine safety: ISO 12100, 13849, ISO/TR 14121, CSA Z432, ANSI B11

Personal protective equipment: CSA Z94, Z96, Z195, ASTM F 2412, F 2413, ANSI/ISEA Z89, 105

Fall prevention: CSA Z259, ANSI/ASSE Z359

Driving vehicles (forklift, truck, trailer): ISO 12353, CSA B335, ANSI/ITSDF B56

Confined spaces: CSA Z1006, ANSI A10.43, Z117.1, NFPA 350

Industrial hygiene (hazardous materials, air quality, ventilation, noise, vibrations, cold, heat, radiation): CSA Z107.56, 1007, ISO 9612, ACGIH TLV & BEI, NFPA 704

Ladders, scaffolding and worker hoists: CSA B354, C225, S269, Z11, Z797, ANSI A10.8, A92

Storage: CSA A344, ANSI MH16.1, NFPA 30

Welding-cutting and hot working: ISO 10882, CSA W117.1, ANSI Z49, NFPA 51B

Respiratory protection: ISO/TS 16976, CSA Z94, Z180, Z275, ANSI Z88

Evacuation and rescue: CSA Z731, 1600, NFPA 101, 1500

Digging, excavation and trenches: ANSI/ASSE A10.12