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We sell modular lockout devices. From a simple product to a lockout station!

Lockout boxes

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Identification plates

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Safety solutions

SIS brand products are designed for harsh industrial environmentsOur lockboxes and cabinets stand out for their physical properties, which are not only very aesthetic, but which allow them to be implanted in a variety of different work environments.

Our products are made of glossy polyethylene witch facilitates maintenance. When closed, the boxes are seal and waterproof, thus avoiding exposing the equipment to water, debris and other external factors that could impair the quality. Doors are transparent, allowing workers to view its content.
In addition, our products are : ►►►

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Lockout boxes

Fabtech ID Lockout boxe

9" X 9" X 3" ( 22.86 cm X 22.86 cm X 7.62 cm)

Perfect for specific equipment for a work team.  

  • Optional handle

  • Safety cable can be added

  • Various hook types

  • Space to insert lockout sheet

Fabtech ID Lockout boxe

12" X 15" X 3" ( 30.48 cm X 22.86 cm X 7.62 cm)

Ideal for specific equipment and work permit management.  

  • Optional handle

  • Allows you to see the complete lockout sheet inside the box

  • Space to insert lockout sheet

Storage cabinets

Cabinets de rangement pour cadenassage standard jaune

Standard storage cabinet  
15" X 15" X 6" ( 38.1 cm X 38.1 cm X 15.24 cm)

Ideal for a production line.

  • Various internal configurations available

  • You can padlock the cabinet

Standard storage cabinet  
15" X 30" X 6" ( 30.48 cm X 22.86 cm X 7.62 cm)

Ideal for production units and complex systems.  

  • Several configurations available

Cabinets de rangement pour cadenassage jaune

Custom-built stations

Station de cadenassage fixe jaune

Fixed lockout station 
Can be configured to suit your needs​

Ideal for a production line. 

  • Mounts directly to a wall

  • Several configurations available

  • By department or facility

Mobile lockout station

  • Complex group lockout​

  • Can be moved close to the work site (aluminum or stainless steel stand on wheels)

  • Local stop management

Station de cadenassage mobile jaune

Lockout training simulator

Lockout training simulator   


Valise de transport intégrée pour simulateur de cadenassage jaune

Integrated Transport Case

Overall simulator features

Several types of mechanisms and devices to adapt to your system

To put lockout into practice and test the various mechanisms

For training on how to use a lockout sheet

To optimize classroom training time 

For better interaction and team-building​

To facilitate knowledge acquisition

Available for rental

Operates on 12V 

  • Emergency stop system
  • Ball valves

  • Compressed air tank

  • Flywheel valve

  • Pressure gauge

  • Tags 


The simulator reproduces an autonomous production unit to demonstrate the residual and accumulated energy in a compressed air network. It also explains the use of mechanical blocking with a retaining rod.

Types of energy: Electricity, compressed air, accumulated pressure, residual energy, potential (gravity), mechanical, visual verification of energies using a pressure gauge.

It also illustrates a LOTO removal process by performing the steps in reverse order, when the cylinder is in low and hight position.

Identification and signs

Identification et signalisation des zones jaune

We manufacture identification, signage and labelling products in a wide variety of materials, colors, and dimentions. We also have the ability to add bar codes, QR codes or RFID chips to tags and labels as to meet new 4.0 industry trends.

Other products and accessories

We supply a wide range of different sizes locks and mechanisms such as (Abus, Master Lock, American Lock, Federal Lock Brady, etc.) Our manufacturing experience combined with our team of experts, allows us to design specific locks with components from different brands. Finally, we also offer engraving and printing services for padlocks, tags, labels, and signage.

We also supply a number of related padlocking accessories (lockout hooks and covers, hasps, cables, chains, etc.).

Produits et accessoires de cadenassage jaune