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At Fabtech ID, we consider that the risks of accidents related to energy isolation can be eliminated by implementation of a complete system comprehensible and applied by all workers. That is why our approach involves assessing and implementing a clear system, training your workers and cofirming ongoing operational practicality. Whether through coaching or in turnkey model, our SIS approach adapts to operational practices in place within your organization. 

Our Professional Services


Our lockout experts perform a detailed diagnosis to assess the state of the current situation as well as the consistency of your practices between your different sites, if applicable. This diagnostic highlights the good practices already in place and the improvements required. This is done with the aim of ensuring that you comply with laws, standards and good practices in lockout.

The results of this assessment are presented in the form of recommendations. Among other things, it allows you to develop an optimal action plan and a timetable while respecting your capacity for implementation. This evaluation will require you to visit your various sites. Subsequently, a statement of all the necessary elements will be submitted, making it possible to estimate the effort to be made to improve your lockout program.

In short, the diagnosis allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses. It gives you a clear picture of your situation without ambiguity. This is what will allow us to make a concrete action plan that allows you to do due diligence in addition to improving the health and safety culture within the company.


Developing or improving your program

The development of a lockout program for the entire company is the basis of an effective system. This establishes the operating rules and the tools required to comply with the requirements of standards and laws.

A lockout program must contain the following elements:

1.    Requirements

2.    Tasks and responsibilities

3.    The lockout sheet

4.    The application of lockout

5.    Tools and materials

6.    Special situations

7.   Training

8.    Audits and inspections

Fabtech ID can help you in the development of your program thanks to the expertise of its team which, with more than 35 years of experience in an industrial environment, will offer you innovative and practical solutions that correspond to your concerns and your reality. work.

Development And Drafting 

The implementation of lockout requires the drafting of clear lockout procedures for each piece of equipment and for each task performed in the dangerous zone of a machine.

Writing accuracy, terminology and the inclusion of reference images when required are important elements when developing detailed energy isolation procedures.

Writing can be done according to the tools you use or according to what we offer you.

We are accredited to use our customers' CONFORMiT® software.

Fabtech ID professionals will analyze each of your equipment / machines / systems to ensure that all hazardous energies are under control in the work area of ​​your employees.

In addition, be aware that the process of validation and approval of the sheets is the responsibility of the owner of the equipment. It is therefore essential to involve the competent and experienced staff of the organization to take ownership of these procedures


Training empowers your organization to create and maintain a safe work environment. A lockout management system requires ongoing training. Fabtech ID offers different types of training according to your needs.

► Basic training (lockout 101)

This general training emphasizes the general principles of lockout. In addition to providing an update on the regulations, laws and standards in force, it presents the various specific situations to be managed with which your workers could be confronted.

► Training of workers (adapted according to the specific program of the client)

This "tailor-made" training is based specifically on your organization's program. It is reserved for workers authorized for the application of lockout. At the end of this workshop, two evaluations, one theoretical and the other practical will be carried out. A certificate of achievement is given to participants following the training, if applicable.

►  Personalized internal trainer training (train the trainer)

To allow you to be independent in maintaining the skills of your workers and to facilitate the integration of new employees, our professionals offer you training as a trainer. This complete training is specifically given according to your organization's lockout program. At the end of the training, two evaluations, one theoretical and the other practical will be carried out. A certificate of achievement is given to participants if necessary.

►  LOTO Sheet Drafting 

Our lockout experts know all the details and specific requirements of the standards in force. They can therefore assist your internal team in the development of these sheets, by training them, among other things, on the in-depth analysis of the energy sources to be neutralized and on the drafting of your sheets.

Simulation in a controlled environment during training. Fabtech ID has developed two  padlocking simulators specially adapted to represent the different energy points to be controlled in your work environment. Your trainers and workers will be able to experience the different devices and stages of lockout without risk to safety.

LOTO Equipment Management Organization                 

Lockout materials and equipment are essential for an efficient application of lockout and to ensure that all workers have ownership of the system. Our experts can provide advice and recommendations on the right types of padlocks to deploy, key systems, required lockout mechanisms, required identification tags, and the plan for deploying lockout boxes and stations through your facilities.

We offer complete solutions from lockout products up to a 5S organizational management strategy for process enforcement optimization to improve the overall productivity of your organization.

Our experience of more than 35 years in the field of lockout allows us to confirm that easy and quick access to lockout equipment saves time, improves worker confidence and reduces accidents and the risk of injury. 

Access the assessment tool here.   

Audit and Inspection

Our experts at Fabtech ID are available to participate in the continuous improvement of your project by carrying out regular audits and inspections at your various sites. A knowledgeable external view will identify and expose your realities based on world class best practices. These inspections give you an overall “snap-shot” of the effectiveness, utilization, and ownership expected by your policies and procedures.

The results of these audits will be compiled in a simple and complete report in order to confirm the mastery of the achievements and to provide you with a list of recommendations and corrective actions to include in your annual plans.

Access your free audit tool here.   

Assess your lockout tagout program and system with our free online tools

Our Approach

At Fabtech ID, we believe that the risk of accidents related to energy isolation can be eliminated by developing and integrating a hasardous energy control system understood by workers, contractors and management. SIS offers you that peace of mind. 

Why Choose SIS?


For a global and uniform management
•  Uniformity of the lockout at all facilities
•  Compliance with laws and standards 
•  Corporate image as a responsible company 
•  Standardized audits throughout yhe organization    
•  One stop shop and cost reduction 


For optimization of production activities
•  Operational excellence
•  Compliance with laws and standards
• Reduction of tasks execution time
• Optimal staff training and integration
• Continuous inspection and maintenance of equipment

For increased security at all levels 
•  Global management of the lockout program 
•  Creation of an HSE culture and employee trust  
•  Reduction of accidents and potential injurie

For a system adapted to the reality of your organization
Quick access to the equipment needed to work safely
• Reduces risk of injury
• Participation in the continuous improvement of safety
• To facilitate operations on several sites or factories 

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We have developped a whole range of products and equipment which allow an optimal use of SIS. 
The Safety Innovation Systems are inspired by the 5S model: create and organized workflow, simple.
The system is ADAPTATIVE and SCALABLEIt is adjustable and suited for all environments and can easily be upgraded and modified according to changes.


Our failsafe designs are an integral part of our solutions. They allow, as the name suggests, the avoidance of errors. Using icons, symbols, shapes and color coding, workers will know immediately, regardless of their language or their reading level, the exact quantity of locks, tags and equipment needed and where each item must be applied within the cabinets or lock boxes. This is a clear demonstration of the universal nature of our solutions.

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