Training In Writing Lockout Sheets


  • Training on energies and dangers to be taken into account 

  • Training on the drafting and validation process of lockout sheets.

  • Courses based on the practices of the client company (bonus if necessary).

  • Possibility of practicing new knowledge on company equipment.

Number of participants: 4 participants maximum
Duration: 2 days

The lockout sheet used will be according to the FABTECH ID template which is standardized according to the regulations.

Living expenses (Meals and Accommodation) as well as travel expenses are not included.

3 courses offered

Lockout Tagout Turnkey Training

Our team of experts offers all the necessary training required for a functional and successful lockout tagout program. Our training services are structured to meet high demand as well as specific needs.

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Lockout Tagout Trainer Certification

To ensure autonomy of your worker’s skill maintenance and to facilitate the integration of new personnel, our experts conduct trainers’ training sessions. Your team will thus be able to train your employees themselves on lockout.

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LOTO Sheet Drafting Training 

Learn how to properly identify and analyze hazardous energies and develop and draft lockout tagout procedural sheets to comply with requirements. This training will allow you to achieve the level of knowledge required to create LOTO specific documents.

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