Pneumatic disconnect lockout ABUS
$US 9.82 $US 9.82 9.82 USD
Pneumatic disconnect lockout Master
$US 24.99 $US 24.99 24.990000000000002 USD
Pneumatic disconnect lockout Brady
$US 25.31 $US 25.31 25.310000000000002 USD
Pneumatic energy lockout device Panduit
$US 41.23 $US 41.23 41.230000000000004 USD
STOPOUT Trailer-Lock Glad Hand Lockout
Empêchez les mouvements imprévus des remorques hors du quai et des zones de stockage.
L'appareil de type palourde mesure 4 po. L x 3 pouces. L x 2 pouces H
Fabriqué en plastique durable avec une tige en acier zingué pour la charnière
Charnières pour couvrir complètement le raccord - s'adapte au raccord standard
La forme octogonale rouge indique l'arrêt

Prevent unplanned movement of trailers from the dock and storage areas.
Clam-style device measures 4-in. L x 3-in. W x 2-in. H
Made of durable plastic with a zinc-coated steel pin for the hinge
Hinges to completely cover the glad hand coupling point valve - fits standard valve
Red octagon shape conveys stop
$US 23.58 $US 23.58 23.580000000000002 USD
STOPOUT Versatile Pneumatic Lockout
Provides a tamper-resistant method to lock out your pneumatic equipment and ensure safety.
Works on both male and female end fitting configurations
Clear cover allows user to see what is locked out
$US 29.70 $US 29.70 29.7 USD

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